The Milkround Team - by Chris Royle and Elliott Binks

Led by the University Staffing team, the Milkround team is responsible for coming down to your universities in order to promote the Intern and Graduate Scheme opportunities that are available here at Microsoft. With the help of a number of this year’s student interns, the Milkround team will be attending various careers fairs over the coming months and visiting a whole host of universities – so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to find out more about getting a job at Microsoft!

MilkRound 4

The team itself is made up of 26 interns based from all across the business and in both our Reading and London offices. Having a team from such varying backgrounds ensures that we’re well equipped to answer any questions you might have – whether it be about specific roles, the application process itself of just general day-to-day life here at Microsoft.

‘The Milkround scheme gives me and the rest of our team the chance to meet you guys and let you know exactly what opportunities are available to you. Please remember that we were literally in your position six months ago, so pop along and have a chat as we’d all love to meet you; we don’t bite!’Sam Cook

One of the key features of our events this year is the Microsoft Garage (pictured below). We’ll be capturing the spirit of the world’s greatest start-up by visiting you in our very own portable garage – it may be a new era at Microsoft, but the passion and imagination that fuelled our founders in 1975 is stronger than ever. Visit our garage when we’reat your universityand you’ll get a better insight into our culture, people, produce and opportunities. Our recruitment team will be there, along with a number of graduates and interns, to help you learn about how our company hasevolved since starting up in ’75, the way in which we’re continuing to transform,and why you don’t need to be studying computer science to join us!


If you’re thinking about applying for an internship or graduate role here at Microsoft, then this really is the perfect opportunity for you to find out more and make up your mind. With over a hundred roles available, there’s something here for everyone. Last year, we found that speaking to interns who were enjoying their time at Microsoft really inspiredus to apply – hopefully we’ll be able to do the same thing for you this year.

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‘As an English student, being part of the Milkround team gave me the opportunity to encourage those who may not do stereotypical business or IT degrees to believe that they too have the capability to work for Microsoft! It’s all about changing perceptions!’ – Ella Brown**

On top of this, we’re also giving you the chance to win an *XBOX ONE – *all you need to do is tell us your big idea for the future of technology. For more information on how you can win,see the Microsoft UK Graduate Recruitment Facebook Page.

And for those of you wondering exactly which universities we still have left to visit, below is the Milkround schedule for the rest of the calendar year:

11/11/2013 – Microsoft Garage event from 11am to 4pm (Main Campus in the Student Union area)

12/11/2013 – Microsoft Presentation from 12pm to 2pm

05/11/2013 – Microsoft Garage event from 11am to 4pm (Talbot Campus in the Atrium Gallery, near Costa)

12/11/2013 – Microsoft Garage event from 11am to 4pm (The Street – Forum)

07/11/2013 – Microsoft Presentation from 6pm

14/11/2013 – Microsoft Garage event from 11am to 4pm (James France building)

19/11/2013 – Microsoft Garage event from 11am to 4pm (Student Union)

06/11/2013 – Graduate Recruitment & Placement Fair from 11am to 3pm

20/11/2013 – The Computing, Science and Engineering Fair from 12pm to 3pm

04/11/2013 – Microsoft Garage event from 11am to 4pm (Stag Hill campus, student restaurant)
03/12/2013 – Microsoft Presentation from 4pm to 6pm

13/11/2013 – Microsoft Presentation from 1pm to 3pm

If your university is featured here, then please feel free to come down and have a chat with us. In the meantime though, why not listen to what the rest of the Milkround team had to say about the program:

MilkRound 3

‘In my first year at Loughborough University, I was a student who attended the careers events and spoke to the Microsoft HR team. As a Microsoft brand ambassador during my second year, I assisted the Milkround teamat careers events in Loughborough. This year, I am in intern and part of the Milkround team attending the careers events – working alongside the ambassadors and chatting to the students. I have seen the team in action from all three angles, and they really can give you the advice to make it into a job at Microsoft – they did for me both from student to ambassador, and ambassador to intern! So if you see any of the team out on campus ask loads of questions and really listen to their advice; it definitely works!’ – Rebecca Moore

MilkRound 6‘I go to Warwick University where I study Computer & Information Engineering, and I applied to Microsoft last year with the passion to continue pursuing a career in Computing and Technology. Now, here I am four months in working as a Program Manager and managing a team of some incredibly smart developers delivering a feature from start to finish. Just last week, I got the opportunity from Milkround to visit Warwick Uni during their Impact Careers Fair and was chatting with some really passionate and enthusiastic students eagerly looking to work for Microsoft. I think one of the most common questions I was asked during the fair was – “I’m not a techie/Computer Scientist –can I still apply to Microsoft?” In short, YES you definitely can! It is really important to understand that Microsoft is a company which wants to know who you are and the kind of skills you have – it’s really about what you want to do and pursue than what degree you are studying!’Mohit Dhagat

MilkRound 2‘I love meeting and chatting to students on campus I like to hear about their passions, interests and plans. As much as I like coming to the careers fair run by the university, I feel that when we run our own event I can really engage with students and have meaningful conversations to offer career advice and insight into our company. Students in turn get the unique chance to experience our culture and learn first-hand about the opportunities offered from chatting to some of our recent interns, graduates or full-time employees.And these events are a lot of fun too! We always have the Xbox Kinect set upand run various competitions so this year you could win yourself XBOX ONE!’ – Ula Dolska (University Staffing Consultant)

Last year there were over 5,000 applicants to the internship scheme and around 2,500 for the MACH scheme after running a successful campaign across 17 universities. This year we expect to drive even more applications through the aforementioned events – but don’t let these numbers put you off, it could be you who makes it through the process! We hope to see you all at an event soon!

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