Weekly Spotlight – Digital Detectives

More than a million people are infected every day, and you may be among them...

As you may have guessed, this week’s spotlight is on …

Microsoft Cybercrime Center!

In today's weekly spotlight, we are sharing an amazing article explaining Microsoft’s implications and collaborations with authorities and partners to fight cybercrime, against a backdrop of zombie computers and FBI (no less!)

This compelling article provide you essential notions and key figures on cybercrime, clear and concise videos as well as captivating stories on how Microsoft participates to catch the bad guys and built its owns Digital Detectives team and CSI-type department.

Do you want a foretaste on what it is to fight a cyber zombie army leading sometimes on the doorstep of mafias, cartels and even child exploiters?

One of the article’s stories relate how Microsoft helped the FBI to shut down 90% of a botnet that stole half a billion dollars in 18 months! (“botnet” you said? A botnet is network of computers infected by a cybercriminal with a malicious software aiming at controlling them remotely to commit crime. Okay let’s be honest … we learnt this term thanks to one of this article’s videos!)

So now you might think “Woow!” and maybe “Cool … but how will it help me to get the internship/job?”...

Having a broader knowledge on Microsoft activities will help you not only to increase your knowledge on the industry, but also strengthen your passion for Microsoft, its products and the values the firm stands for.

“And we’re using our software, our data, our cloud services and our devices to help do that.”

“It’s a real-life showcase for what Microsoft’s business intelligence and big data tools can do.”

Finally, Microsoft making available its resources and inventions, such as PhotoDNA, to fight against cybercrime is the ultimate proof of the company’s will to protect its customers... customer-obsession being Microsoft’s main mission!

(PhotoDNA ? Ah! No cheat sheet anymore, you’ll have to find out yourself from the article ;) )

So don’t waste a second and have a look at the great Digital Detective article here : http://news.microsoft.com/stories/cybercrime/index.html

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