Volunteering at Future Decoded Part I

Future Decoded is an event dedicated to showing any business how it can become a digital business. It aims to show businesses how they can start this process and the challenges that they will face along the way, as well as the rewards they experience in developing a symbolic relationship with technology. The event is designed to equip business leaders with the insight, motivation, and skills to create their organisation’s next generation. Future Decoded empowers businesses to make the most of opportunities brought by the future so that their employees and organisation can achieve more.
Below we have a few highlights from some of the interns and apprentices’ that volunteered at the event:


"Since Future Decoded is one of the biggest events held by Microsoft in the UK, I was very lucky to get involved by volunteering for the Microsoft Cloud for Global Good Booth. My role was to show Microsoft customers how our cloud computing solutions can meet public sector priorities and policies and solve complex challenges in the public sector through digital transformation. Despite not working in the public sector, their case studies made me inspired and I am grateful Microsoft gave the opportunity to volunteer for such an amazing cause. For example, using predictive analytics tools based on Microsoft cloud technologies, the district is providing comprehensive data snapshots of student success indicators and has already helped to improve graduation rates from 55 to 82.6 percent in Tacoma Public Schools. It was also great having the opportunity to interact with people face to face and get to know what our partners and customers do in this field and help them get involved as well. Fantastic event for both Microsoft employees and our customers!"


"Future Decoded will definitely be one of the most memorable events in my internship. It was an amazing opportunity to get more first-hand insight into progression and developments that are taking place in our public-sector teams. I was fortunate enough to attend the first day. This was supplemented with a range of impressive key notes including Microsoft’s world-wide public sector vice president (Toni Townes-Whitley), ASOS chairman Brian McBride and Paralympic athlete Martine Wright. My personal contribution to the event was based around the ‘Bloodhound Rocket Car Challenge’. I took an active role in facilitating and competing with last year’s winners of the competition as well as offering more insight into what the challenge was all about. I even got the chance to meet and speak to Andy Green who will be racing the bloodhound SSC in an attempt to break the land speed record!"


"Whilst at Future Decoded, I managed to attend the closing Key Note and was lucky enough to hear Martine Wright speak. She is a survivor of the 7/7 London bombings and spoke of her journey from that awful day to becoming the Floor Volleyball Women’s Paralympic captain at the London 2012 Games. The mental toughness she showed during the most difficult times that she mentioned just amazed me. Her story inspired me, and I will remember her ‘7 rules’ that she mentioned kept her going."


"I was lucky enough to be able to volunteer for both days of Microsoft's highly respected Future Decoded expo - it was an amazing experience with so much to do, even while helping to run the Public Sector booth where I shared success stories with customers and partners. It was fantastic to be able to show the visitors how we apply our unrivalled cloud technology to the public sector, like how we help create smart cities and use Azure machine learning in schools and hospitals. I had insightful conversations with visitors, including meeting teachers using Microsoft technology and one customer who was creating an app that predicts seizures and immediately gets medical help for the user. I loved listening to the keynote speakers who shared their incredible work - particularly Abe Davis who showed us how he could extract noise from silent film, it completely changed my perception of video and sound!"

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