Weekly Spotlight - Protect Yourself Against Tech Support Scams

Your BeYouFuture team is back this week to give you advice on :

How to protect yourselft against tech support scams! Loving is caring :)

Fraudulent Tech Support scams usually come out as a fake agent representing themselves as Microsoft trying to get access to your information on your computer or to get you to pay fees for a problem that doesn't even exist.

Microfost Cybercrime Center work closely with Microsoft Digital Crimes unit in order to help customers impacted by a fraudulent activity from providing them with technical support and services to conducting a deep investigation and taking actions.

Remember ! Microsoft would never reach out to you directly out of the blue by calling you for example. Don't do anything and just go on microsoft.com/answerdesk where Microsoft will take on you.

Check this great video to know more about Microsoft's actions to protect its customers

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