Weekly Spotlight – Bing

More than 4,000 a week, each of them is tested 20,000 times

Don’t worry we are not talking about your application process here (very funny we know) but Bing’s weekly improvements and what it takes to a single code change to go thought a test pass!

Indeed, this week’s spotlight is on …

Microsoft Bing!

Your BYF team went through a great and insightful article on Bing and how its engineering team is committed to place agility in the centre of its works to provide a continuously improving customer service.

And why this Microsoft Story should interest you and overall, how it would help you to get the job?

Firstly, as you know, Microsoft is deeply focused on our customers. Therefore, this article is not only a great testimony of the firm’s constant will to enhance its services and products but also put theory into practice, providing you insights on how to concretely give life to improvements, from brainstorming with different stakeholders to implementation and feedback.

“We organize our engineering ecosystem into an efficient idea funnel, where we make it easy to iterate on ideas with end users at the top so we can churn through as many ideas as possible.”

“It’s the diversity of viewpoints that creates the most interesting ideas.”

Moreover, during this application process, recruiters want to see passionate and genuine people with a strong knowledge on Microsoft’s values and products. So, what is better than an insightful and user friendly article to do your research?

Finally, a significant number of interns this year are working for the Bing department and, even if this situation might or might not change next year, we all know that a little knowledge can’t hurt anyway…. So just saying!

So don’t waste a second and have a look at the great Bing Continuous Delivery article here: http://stories.visualstudio.com/bing-continuous-delivery/

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