Weekly Spotlight - Teenager from difficult background turns his life around with Microsoft's Technology

Your BeYourFuture team is back with today's Weekly Spotlight about how Microsoft's Technology turned a teenager drug dealer's life around.

Wanderson Skrock grew up in a slum outside Rio de Janeiro. He started dealing drugs when he was 14 years-old and ended up twice in juvenile detention.

But, during his time in prison, Wanderson took a technology course offered through a Microsoft partner, Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI). He found something unexpected : Hope.

He saw the potential for technology to change lives, including his own.

Wanderson now works for CDI as a computer instructor and teaches children and teens who come from difficult backgrounds. In seven years he’s taught more than 5,000 students and helped them turning their life around.

Microsoft recently named him one of its global YouthSpark Youth Advisors, who will help the company create programs, partnerships and resources that meet the needs of youth around the world.

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