Welcome Day 2015 (08.05) - What to Expect!

FY15 Interns Welcome Day 2014

When and Where

Microsoft UK HQ, Thames Valley Park, Reading, West Berkshire RG6 1WA.
Friday 8th May. Arrive at 9.30 – a light breakfast will be provided.

How to get to Microsoft HQ Reading

What to wear?

This isn’t an assessment center, be casual – act casual. That doesn’t mean come in your slippers and trackies. But a simple t-shirt & jeans combo won’t be out of place, trainers are permitted.

What to expect out of the day?

Making new friends, meeting new people, understanding what next year has in store for you!

Welcome day is your chance to make a great impression, the suits are off, the sun is out and fresh faced FY16 group is ready to go! Roll on May 8th you’ll be meeting those interns which will make your year here at Microsoft so special.

I remember arriving last year, butterflies in stomach, anxious to meet an entirely new group of people. Much to my pleasure, I was introduced to one of the friendliest most diverse group of people I’ve ever encountered – and that’s coming from an international school veteran.

The simple fact of the matter is that everyone is feeling the exact same way you are, and that everyone is looking to make new friends and make a good impression. In this way, the experience will be analogous to that of fresher’s week of university, bar the smelly nights at the SU and obscene drinking games that you’d never heard of. As a matter of fact this welcome day will be utterly civil in comparison, one which you’ll not only want to remember, but will actually be capable of doing so.

My Experience Last Year

My Welcome day began with an early morning start, I’d been staying at a mates in London, and had to remove myself from bed at 6 to get there in time – as you can imagine this was immensely difficult for a student such as myself, but I made it. Taking the train straight from Paddington I arrived at half past 8, then jumped into the gratis shuttle and there I was.. Reading campus in all it’s grand splendour, housing thousands of square feet of office space, canteens, auditoriums, a full size gym and many many more functional suites – it can be imposing at first but just head straight to building 3!

Before you know it someone will welcome you with open arms, guiding you through the registration process. Post arrival we heard a couple relevant talks surrounding housing, working and travel – these were location specific, and super helpful.

Once we’d gotten past the admin it was straight into icebreakers and group challenges. Without sounding cheesy, I actually had an awesome time hearing everyone’s 3 truths and a lie, not to mention our own miniature advertising Oscars, where we broke into small groups andproduced movie-esque ads for Microsoft products. Needless to say; it was interesting.

Welcome Day_editedDarth, Darth, Jake Sidious and Luke (Obi Wan) advertising Bing Maps – sort of..

### Some FinalAdvice

Welcome day is just a great way to get to know people, just remember you’re no longer at an assessment center. Shrug off the business coat and relax, you’re making friends with these people, not interviewing with them. The BBQ is also class – obviously.

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